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Do you also dream of soaring through the skies? Would you like to fly a giant aircraft with lots of passengers on board or carry valuable cargo? Thanks to us, your dream can come true, without having to pass a medical examination or invest a lot of money and time. See what virtual aviation licenses are and how they can help you gain advanced aviation knowledge, without attending costly, lengthy training courses!

Virtual licenses were created for those who cannot obtain a real aviation license, for example, for health, work, or financial reasons. They are also a great option for all those who, because of their young age, cannot yet start real training or are trying to get real training but are not sure if flying is for them. With us you will gain a solid foundation of both theoretical and practical knowledge, which will help you to take your first steps in real training.

We start, of course, with a virtual PPL(A) licence. Then you will have the opportunity to obtain a VFR night rating, ME and IR training, and finally a virtual professional CPL(A) and pass the TypeRating!

Are you ready for a great adventure?



VirtualPPL(A) license

Have you ever considered getting a tourist licence, but life turned out differently?

Or perhaps you are still too young to start your career as a pilot? Try something that no one else has offered yet! Come to us for a virtual PPL(A) training course and get your first (virtual) aviation licence! The entire training consists of theoretical and practical classes. All lessons are conducted by licensed pilots-instructors, who train students on real aircraft or certified simulators. Each of them has passion and a lot of experience, as well as knowledge, which is transmitted in a simple and understandable way. 


Chosen subjects from the theoretical part:

meteorology (10h), communication (2h), principles of flight (10h), operational procedures (6h), flight operation and planning (4h), general aircraft knowledge (2h) and navigation (6h).

Chosen subjects from the practical part on the DA40 FNPT II flight simulator:

circle patterns (12x10min), zone flight (40min), en-route flight (80min), low visibility flight (20min), engine failure after take-off (20min) and recovery from a stall (20min).


  • Option to purchase a flight on the DA40 FNPT II simulator at a preferential price per hour.
  • 5% discount on real PPL(A) license at Goldwings Flight Academy in Warsaw, Poland. 
  • A solid grounding in theory and practice for a future tourist PPL(A) license.
  • Open way to reach for further virtual licenses/training (VFR night, IR, MEP(L), CPL(A) etc.) in JetZone24.
  • Advanced aviation knowledge that you can then apply while flying in both home and professional simulators.


Additional costs apply to the above training prices: 
Theoretical exam (60 min) - 40 PLN/attempt and practical exam on the DA40 FNPT II simulator (40 min) - 190 PLN/attempt.



15 November 2021 at 17:00 (online) - theoretical part


PPL(A) theoretical training course

40h online lectures in a group of a minimum of six with experienced pilot-instructors.

One-off payment (in advance): 690 PLN.



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PPL(A) practical training course

5h of individual training on the DA40 FNPT II flight simulator with a licensed pilot-instructor.

One-off payment (in advance): 1200 PLN.




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PPL(A) theoretical + practical training course

Theoretical training: 40h of lectures in a group of a minimum of six with experienced pilot-instructors.
Practical training: 5h of individual training on a DA40 FNPT II flight simulator with a licensed instructor.

One-off payment (in advance): 1890 PLN.

or payment in three installments: 690 PLN (before the theory starts), 650 PLN (before the practice starts), 650 PLN (in the middle of the practice).

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