from 849 PLN

Do you dream about an adventure on more than one simulator?  Would you like to use your aviation potential in full?

In case of Adventure Pro we start from DA42 simulator where during 40 min flight you will learn how to steer a small plane, control the course, speed an height and we can teach you how to do circles above the airport, perform starts and landings.

Next we take A320 simulator where you  find out the difference between flying a great jet and aa smaller propeller plane. During 80  min flight you are free to change airports and weather conditions. A difficult approach during storm or may be a beautiful, wonderful winter? All depends on you!

A maximum of one person can use the voucher. The flight price is: from Monday to Thursday - PLN 849 and from Friday to Sunday - PLN 869.

You will get an electronic voucher or a paper one (nicely packed) with a special code to book a chosen term.

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