from 1290 PLN

Do you think about getting a private pilot license, but you are not sure that it is for you? Would you like to see what whole training process looks like and who is running it? We invite you to familiarization training, during which you will learn not only a lot about flying theory, but you will also experience it all on your own by flying on a professional flight simulators and later on in a real plane.

In a package:
- 60 min of theoretical training
- 60 min of DA42 simulator
- 40 min of  A320 simulator
- 15 min sightseeing flight over Warsaw by a real plane Cessna 172

A maximum of one person can use the package.

The flight price is: from Monday to Thursday - 1290 PLN and from Friday to Sunday - 1390 PLN.

The flight over Warsaw can be conducted during the day or at night (extra 290 PLN for night flight), and a maximum of two accompanying people can be taken with to the plane.

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