JetZone24For pilots

JetZone24 was created mainly for pilots who want to train and develop their skills. We are a professional simulator centre who trains pilots, with assistance of Goldwings Flight Academy, for: IR(A), MEPL(A), JOC and MCC. In addition, we run trainings for Screening, Recurrent and ATP.

Above all we value professionalism, scrupulousness and our instructors are experienced pilots, who fly everyday for airlines.



We know how important it is to start an airline pilot career and enter a dreamed airline; therefore it is worth getting acquainted with a cockpit not on paper but in reality before screening. Only two hours spent at A320 simulator will give you a full dose of information about the setup of individual elements of the cabin. It is not the same as learning procedures from a book! Find out your reaction in a simulator environment of a big plane and practice under the watchful eye of a professional airline pilot. Visit us for an educational session to find out:

  • How you steer a fly-by-wire plane
  • What you should know about your plane and what is the function of a monitoring pilot
  • What do the airlines pay attention to during screening
  • What behavior styles better avoid
  • What it is to implement procedures and what is essential at this stage

See in practice how the screening session looks like and what you can expect there. It is possible to “customize the session “ , e.g. focus on Raw Data ILS. We shall prompt, correct mistakes. The rest is in your hands. Good luck!


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Are you a pilot and you want to improve your skills?

Every hour spent on board fills your experience sack. Still, reliability of modern planes lulls vigilance. It is not that time when the second pilot time of work showed many emergency situations to cope with. Modern complexity of planes and a 3 year cycle of recurrent take place every 6 months makes our knowledge disappear. Due to our unusual care for details of our simulator we let you see and analise defects , which you will not see in the air and which will make your life complicated at the nearest simulator.

Nobody is able to master all elements without contacting them. Assess yourself how you can improve your „Situational Awareness” at the time of complex faults. Develop your skills with us and practice events which you would not like to experience in a real place.

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Would you like to prepare for airline transition Program?

Just today you can register for a training which prepares you for ATP. It will help you get used to a A320 cockpit faster, and remember flows and complex procedures. At the training time you will find out:

  • what procedures look like and how to avoid mistakes
  • how to do the flows correctly
  • what pay attention to and what to remember
  • what is the full preparation for a work at the airlines like
  • how to cope with a late Type Rating

Professional training for ATP under the watchful eye of an active airline pilot will help you pass all your exams and give solid basics to improve your aviation knowledge.

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