JetZone24For Enthusiasts

JetZone24 was created mainly for pilots and enthusiasts. We are proud of the fact that people who are responsible for the health and life of hundreds of thousands of people are coming out of our wings. We are the first professional flight simulator center in Poland, where everyone can try their skills, regardless of whether he/she is professionally involved in aviation or not.

Are you an enthusiast who wants to feel like a real captain? Would you like to buy a voucher for a flight for someone important to you? You will not experience such professionalism, engagement and passion as you find in the center which on every day basis struggles with training of future pilots.

During the session you can admire views , take pictures enjoy the feeling of great fun of steering a huge plane. While once you see your future with aviation then we will teach you fly!

Original gifts for your closest friends
– elegant and prestigious

Don't you have a gift idea? Maybe a person close to you is passionate about aviation? Purchase of a voucher to the only flight simulator centre in Poland for a flight on a large passenger or a small tourist aircraft. Choose from a dozen of packages and make the dreams of your closest person come true.

All our vouchers can be professionally printed and elegantly packed. Each of them is valid for up to 6 months. 


Your aviation dream – it's time to make it come true

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit behind the helm of a big jet? Would you like to fly a small modern propeller plane?  Your favourite planes are now available without limits in one place. Book your flight and come fly with us.

The instructor, who is present during your entire flight, will intruduce you to the secrets of pilotage, answer every question you may have and explain everything thoroughly.

If simulator is not enough for you, you can always choose a package with a 15 minutes flight over Warsaw in a real plane.


From home to a plane – sit at the controls of a full-size simulator.

Do you fly at home by P3D, FSX, or X-Plane? Would you like to feel like a real pilot? You are fed up with flying in loneliness? Pop in to try one of our simulators!

We can practice real procedures, take offs, landings and even emergency situations or communication. In addition our simulator has the ability to connect to the VATSIM network, so you can easily fly from A to B and save your flight in your VATSIM logbook (included in flight price!) 

Everything is monitored by a professional instructor-pilot assisting you during the whole flight.




Come to us for training to prepare for online flights! Our experienced instructors will introduce you to the secrets of communication with ATC, discuss all issues with you and offer their help at the time of your first steps. You can learn with us:

  • How to conduct standard communication with flight control
  • What regulations you must know and observe
  • How to get used to a voice communication and understand what the controller says to you
  • How to communicate properly in an emergency situations
  • What is the difference between online and real aviation

Find out that on-line flying may become childishly simple, stress-free and incredibly addictive. Join the world’s best virtual pilots today!

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