What are the office hours of JetZone24?

We are open by default 7 days a week, however, in case of pilots or renting a simulator for many hours or special events (integration, birthdays) we fix terms individually and they may go beyond our standard schedule. As our name suggests we are open 24h a day but for people not connected with aviation professionally we are open from  8:00 to 22:00. Remaining hours are used by  real pilots.

Is a flight simulator realistic?

Our simulators have exactly reproduced aircraft cockpits: DA 40/42 and A320. All panels, instruments  and pilot armchairs look and act same as in a real plane. The audio visual system, specially designed for that purpose, makes the flight extremely realistic – during maneuvers you feel as if you were really in the air.

Is the simulator certified?

Yes! Contrary to our competitors, our simulators are certified and used for flight trainings. The certifying process is difficult and demanding. It requires a much more restricted hardware, software and additional features which you will not find in a less professional facilities.

Each simulator must have FNPT II certificate, while A320 must additionally have MCC allowing pilot trainings in the scope of cooperation within a multi-person crew.

What are age requirements?

There are no age limits with us but we must have in mind that a very short person may find it difficult to fly the plane. However, by putting on pillows or using parents' help, we are able to provide an unforgettable experience for the youngest.

How to dress up?

Wear something comfortable, high-heeled shoes are out of question because you press the pedals while flying the plane.

Are you expected to have an aviation knowledge?

No, you do not need to have aviation knowledge . We are professional flight instructors, who are actively flying various types of planes, including heavy jets. We would be happy to share our knowledge by passing it on. You may come without any aviation knowledge and admire views during the flight, take pictures and enjoy the flight from other perspective  - pilots cabin. Instructor  who is present during the whole flight will help you with anything.

Who flies a plane during the session?

Each participant sits in a captain armchair and takes over control of the plane. Our instructor sitting in the right armchair, assists during the flight, gives directions, and intervenes only during demanding situations.

Do you have to book a flight?

Due to the specific character of the service we recommend an earlier boking via internet booking system. Of course you can also buy a flight on spot but then we cannot guarantee a simulator availability  “right away”.  If you plan a visit on the same day we encourage you to contact us by phone to have  an appointment session.

How to book a simulator?

In case of standard packages offered on the website we suggest booking via our Internet booking system. However, in order to organize an event or a private session, or if there is  need to rent a simulator for a definite  number of hours we suggest contacting us in person or by phone.

How long are vouchers valid?

All vouchers of our offer are valid for 6  months since the purchase date. But if you need a voucher with a prolonged expiry date there is no problem. We shall prepare a customized offer for you. If the voucher is not used on time, its validity may be extended by an additional 3 months for a one-time fee of 50 PLN.

Is it necessary to come earlier?

Having in mind a specific schedule of a simulator booking, and due to a specific character of the service, you are  advised to come at least 10/15 minutes before the session which lets you to have a quiet preparation and getting acquainted with the basic information and instructions. In case of being late against the booking time, the flight on a simulator cannot be extended for organisational reasons and the loss of time is to the detriment of the customer. However, if you have bought a longer session (e.g. one hour or two) in reasonable cases we can replace it with another term. Additionaly, when you come earlier you can enjoy delicious coffee or tea without limits.

May I choose my own flight scenario?

Beginners are advised to use our standard scenarios. Generally it is a (depending on a package/time availability) a flight from Chopin airport in Warsaw, a few circles around the capital and 2/3 landings. During this time we can change weather conditions and time of the day. People looking for additional experiences may point out another airport, weather conditions, as well as breakdowns they would like to deal with. For this purpose, please inform the instructor on site in advance.

Is a change of booking possible?

Every booking can be modified up to 24 hours before the session time. For this please contact us by e-mail or telephone. In case of charge or cancellation of the reservation within 24hrs from the planned time of departure of the flight, the customer is obliged to pay a fee in proportion to the number of minutes of the flight booked i.e. 20min-20PLN, 40min-40PLN, 60min-60PLN, 120min-120PLN. This gives the possibility to book a new date.

Who can accompany you during the flight?

Space in the simulator is limited. The customer sits in the left armchair  while the instructor is in the right one. Additionally there are two more seats for watchers. Each next participant may watch the flight but without a proper seat. Thus we advise to take two accompanying persons max.

May I pay with credit card/cash on the spot?

Yes, you can. We have a terminal in place to pay with a card and a fiscal cashier for cash payments, However, we recommend to purchase and book via internet.

Can I buy an additional flight on top of the booked one?

Yes, no problem with it. You can pay with a card or cash. Everything depends on current occupancy of the simulator . It may happen that there is no chance to buy extra flight an make use of it because simulators are busy.

May I get a paper voucher?

Yes, we print specially prepared paper vouchers. They are ideal gifts for every aviation enthusiast. Each one is customized and packed in an envelope.

The voucher can be picked up in person or ordered with delivery to the address indicated. It will be an additional cost of 40 PLN.

What is the difference between DA42 and A320?

DA42 is a smaller plane than  A320. It can take only 4  people on board and has no jet engines but one or two propeller engines (depending on simulator configuration). It does not make a breathtaking effect as A320 does, but gives fun and unforgettable emotions. It is cheaper , outer visualization is on monitors and the simulator itself is in the form of a closed cabin.

A320 is a jet plane taking on board (depending on cabin  configuration ) 186 passengers. The huge number of buttons and switches makes an incredible impression at first. The simulator is more expensive but more realistic and gives more impressions. Visualization system is placed on 3 projectors and the simulator itself is serviced by 4 computers.

For how long do I have to buy a simulator to fly from point A to B?

Because the route flights take much longer than over airports, we recommend buying a minimum of 2 hours if we want to fully start the plane, go through all the procedures and end up with its full shutdown

For flights from A to B we advice to take domestic airports e.g. Warszawa-Gdańsk, Warszawa-Kraków etc. Of course, we can choose any two airports in Europe, and the instructor will give you an answer whether a flight in the purchased time period, on this particular route will be possible.

Whether the voucher can be returned or exchanged?

A purchased voucher cannot be returned after purchase. However, it is, of coure, possible to postpone your booking to another date.

The voucher can be exchanged for another one, but only for a "higher" one, e.g. 20min to 40min, 60min to 120min, or a voucher valid from Monday to Thursday into a voucher valid from Friday to Sunday (i.e. 20min per week to 20min at the weekend). Then we collect a difference of price between one and another.