from 449 PLN

You do not know which simulator to choose? Nothing to lose!

In Adventure voucher we begin with DA42 simulator where you are taught basics of flying a propeller plane. You will learn how to keep course, height and speed and what to do to avoid the pull/dragging the plane.

Next we take A320 simulator where you find out the difference between flying a great jet and a small propeller plane. It is not about mass or awareness that on board there are more passengers  but about reaction time during adding power, plane stabilization “up-down” (trimming) and piloting technique including landing.

A maximum of one person can use the voucher. The flight price is: from Monday to Thursday - PLN 449 and from Friday to Sunday - PLN 469.

You will get an electronic voucher or a paper one (nicely packed) with a special code to book a chosen term.

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