Package JetZone ADVENTURE
from 449 PLN

Do not you know which simulator to choose? Nothing to lose! Now you can choose a package that gives you the opportunity to try your hand at both simulators.

In ADVENTURE package we start with the DA42 simulator where we will teach you the basics of flying a propeller plane. You will learn how to keep course, altitude and speed, as well as what to do to avoid getting the plane to stall.

Then we go to the A320 simulator, where you will see the differences between flying a large jet and a small propeller plane. It is just not about the weight or the awareness that we have a much higher number of passengers on board,  but about the response time when adding power, stabilizing the aircraft “up-down” (trimming), as well as the piloting technique, including landing.

A maximum of one person can use the package. The flight price is: : from Monday to Thursday - 449 PLN and from Friday to Sunday - 469 PLN.

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